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We are actively developing a groundwater management platform to provide you a reliable, simple to use, and flexible system to manage groundwater and comply with SGMA. Sound like what you need? Drop us a line.

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GSConfluence is tailored specifically to support GSAs and other water managers in complying with SGMA and adaptively managing groundwater. GSConfluence CORE serves as a cost effective and easy-to-use Data Management System (DMS). Users can add management modules as needed to provide advanced management functionality for a totally custom experience at a fraction of the cost. Our platform will include the following key features.

Data Management
  • All the data you need in one location
  • Adaptable and scalable
  • Automated Data Import
  • Robust QAQC
Management Modules
  • Grower Dashboards
  • Scenario Planning
  • Custom decision-making tools
  • Integrates with your Water Trading Platform
Compliance & Reporting
  • Submit Required Data to DWR
  • Easily Download & Export Data
  • Customize Reports for your Workflow
Put Data to Work
  • Easy Access to Data for Staff & Consultants
  • Explore Trends and Statistics
  • Interactive Mapping
  • Custom Data Visualizations

About Us

We are a team of passionate engineers and developers focused on building dashboards that make it easier to manage water resources data. We all work for the water resources engineering firm, LRE Water, and are developing GSConfluence as a standalone platform. We have built data management platforms for water managers in Colorado, Texas and across the Midwest. Now we're building one that meets the needs of water managers in California.

We are excited to learn more about your needs and get your feedback so we can customize your GSConfluence experience to better serve you.

Does this sound like something you or your organization could benefit from? Contact us below.

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Savannah Tjaden
Savannah Tjaden
Business Lead and Product Manager

Savannah specializes in water resources management and SGMA with an additional focus on watershed planning efforts. She is passionate about developing powerful data visualization and analysis tools that help managers put data to work.

Kelly Close
Kelly Close
System Architect

Kelly leverages database and web tech to address water planning and management challenges. Her passion is finding better ways to turn data into information, streamline data-centric reporting, and support efficient day to day water operations.

Doug Kulak
Doug Kulak
Lead Developer

Doug has 20 years of full-stack web development experience in a wide variety of industries. He has an eye for detail, end-to-end technical expertise, and enjoys staying at the forefront of the latest advancements within the industry.

David Gates
David Gates
Lead GIS Analyst

David specializes in geospatial analysis and database management. He strongly believes that clean and organized data are the foundation to creating solutions to complex problems.


Hear what current LRE Water clients have to say about us.


The Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority had 25 years of data, in spreadsheets, when it contracted with Leonard Rice Engineers to build an online data portal with storyboards. 7 years the later the interactive site, continues to evolve and meet the needs of a wide-range of users. CCBWQA is very pleased with LRE’s work.

- Chuck Reid

Central Colorado Water Conservancy District

I have been using the new dashboard this week and I am so impressed and happy. It’s clean and crisp, and layout is awesome. It is already saving me tons of time and I cannot wait to see more as we build out our custom reporting.

- Ruthanne Schaffer

Denver Water

One of the first road blocks to our Water Quality Assessment that LRE Water identified is the lack of consistent water quality data nomenclature, units, and other detail just within our own LIMS data set, in addition to the same issues when bringing in other agency data. LRE Water’s recommended solution of using an open source database to process the data and automate future imports has saved countless hours of processing.

- Alison Witheridge

Denver Water

LRE Water was integral in visualizing complex data sets at various level of detail from day-to-day water treatment scientists and operators to upper management for high level, good-versus-problem views. Their creative and collaborative process in working with our diverse team of end users was invaluable and provided an impressive baseline analysis of water quality throughout our collection system that we’ll be able to build on for years to come.

- Alison Witheridge

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We are actively developing a platform that makes SGMA compliance, reporting, and managing water resources data easier. Sound like what you need? Drop us a line.

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